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This was written for a little boy that wanted to visit his Grandma in Heaven.

This poem was made for a Proprietor here that owned a Chocolate shop on the main street.  He passed at the very young age of 48.

Phone Number Unkown
I reach for the phone
and start to dial
As your memory floods me
all the while
A panic comes over me
and I feel like crying
Somewhere inside of me
a part of me is dying
So deep in my thoughts
your voice sounds so clear
I think if I phoned you
it's your voice I would hear
It seems all dream
and if I could only wake up
We would talk on the phone
sometimes argue then make - up
I lost my best friend
your love meant so much
If only there were phones in heaven dear mother
we could keep in touch
Now I must learn when I reach for the phone
That you now live in heaven
phone number unknown.
God please help me to ease my pain
Until me and mother meet again.

For Cindy by Darlene Clevenger ©

This poem was written for my sister-in-law Irene.  Her father is Reverend Canon Redfern E. Louttit and this was his church, St.Thomas Anglican, in Moose Factory Ontario.  He was highly respected by his Aboriginal Community in Ontario and Quebec.  He was a loving Husband, Father, Grandfather and Great Grandfather.  He will always be fondly remembered and missed by many.

My Father Reverend Canon Redfern E. Louttit
It was in the spring when you left us
And my heart was filled with sorrow
I knew deep inside, where my emotions hide
You would not be here with me tomorrow
"Dad", I still miss you and think of the days
We shared laughter, long talks and some learning
Those days are gone now and all I have left
Is a pain in my heart that keeps burning"
The Anglican church lost a wonderful man
A man so kind, gentle and free
Reverend Louttit, my Dad, was the best that they had
And the Lord sent him down here to me
"I'll see you again when my days on earth end
"And, Dad", could you please help ease my pain
For all of the sunshine that comes into my life
My loving thoughts of you, always brings rain".
Your loving daughter Irene.
"Lord, take care of him for us".
For Irene by Darlene Clevenger©

Our Father and the Niskich
(Translation for "Geese", English to Cree, is Niskich )

Memories of you Dad always come to mind
When up above our sky so blue, the Niskich are aligned
Everytime I see them, they bring you back to me
I feel all warm with thoughts of you, and I smile lovingly
"We talk about the memories Dad" and Mom has lots to share
We laugh, we cry, we thank our Lord, that you were always there"
The wings upon the Niskich are now flying in formation
"They fly for all our families, our people, and our Nation"
We treasure all the memories, inside our hearts for you
Until the day the Niskich, come calling for us too.
We love you and miss you,
your loving family.
For the Louttit Family by Darlene Clevenger ©

A Poem I wrote for Lorne Kelly, Owner/Manager of Kelly Funeral Home in Ottawa, ON   Lorne was a good friend of the family.

Lorne Kelly
In our time of sorrow you stood by our side
You guided us gently as we broke down and cried
We honor you Lorne for all that you've done
When you buried our father our mother our son
God bless your kind words, and your comforting ways
You made our pain easier, and for that we give praise
God has now called you to heaven above
We will always remember the man we all loved.
God Bless You
See you on the other side dear friend.
For Lorne Kelly by Darlene Clevenger ©

This poem is Called "I Miss You So Much" written for my cousin Sharon to her daughter Candace.

At 28 years of age Candace Kelly Lee (Registered Nurse) was taken to heaven by a seizure. She left behind a husband and a small child of 2. The pain that Sharon feels is written in this poem.

I Miss You So Much

The love of my life the one I hold dear
Has gone up to heaven it's now been one year
I don't understand why this had to be
Why did God let this happen to me
I search for the answers but lo and behold
Only God knows the reasons and one day I'll be told
I love you dear Candace and miss you so much
If only there were phones in heaven we could keep in touch
I'm glad Grandma's with you and you're not alone
"Please keep her safe Lord, until you welcome me home".
For Sharon by Darlene Clevenger ©

I Miss You Dad

If I could climb the ladder
Of a fire truck today
I would climb right up to heaven
To my father and I'd say
"Dad", I really miss you
And I wish you could be here
Just to have you walk beside me
Calming all my fear
You always took the time for me
I miss your caring ways
If I could only climb that ladder
Through the clouds and stars and haze
I would tell you how I miss you
And thank you for all you've done
I miss you Dad, from your loving daughter
Sandra, the chosen one.
by Darlene Clevenger©

Your Loving Face

Sometimes when I try real hard
I picture in my mind
My mothers face looking back at me
Her features undefined
As the years go by and she's not here
It makes me sad to know
My mothers face is fading
And it makes it harder to let go
I try to hear your voice again
Within my thoughts of you
But, sadly mom, your once clear voice
Is slowly fading too
I hope that you are happy
Up above in your new place
I just wish once more dear mother
 I could see your loving face.
I love you mom

Your daughter, Charlene.
by Darlene Clevenger
My Wish For You was written for someone to give to her friend who has cancer.

To My Family was written for a woman with a disability and could not speak for herself.  This poem was written for her family as though it were in her own words, as requested by a close friend.  Ginette has since passed at the age of 50.